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 Chewing well to grow well and be well

Girl with Myo-Munchee
Lady with Myo-Munchee

The Myo-Munchee, the muscles and mechanics of chewing guide and develop how our faces grow.

Unfortunately, today’s food is often over processed and requires very little chewing. This means the muscles that grow our faces just don’t get the exercise they need to do it well.

The bone that forms the roof of the mouth is the floor and sides of the nose. Without enough exercise of our chewing muscles, both the upper jaw and nasal passages run the risk of being underdeveloped.

The Myo-Munchee is a small silicon chewing device made in sizes for every age group; babies, children, teenagers and adults. It allows us to evenly exercise both sides of the face at once.

The form of the device encourages lip closure, correct resting tongue placement and swallow pattern and promotes nasal breathing, all of which are important to grow a well functioning beautiful face.

In adults, using a Munchee may help improve the health and stability of your jaw joint, improve the tone of your face and muscles of swallowing, and may assist in the reduction of snoring.

Bebe munchies are available from 6 months of age. These are a superb replacement for dummies, allowing your baby to chew using both sides of their jaw at once and provide a great foundation for oral growth and

Mini munchies are for toddlers from 2-4 years. Its so important our little ones get good coordination of the chew swallow breathe pattern.

Junior munchies from 4-8 years help create good jaw strength and stability.

Tween munchies from 8-14+ years help stimulate the last of our face’s most rapid growth phase and help us maintain a well stabilised jaw.

Adult munchees allow us to maintain our stability of function. Chewing is essential for life and to optimise our ability to chew and swallow as we age.

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